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"A pipe fitting failed and flooded our home recently. 100% of the home was impacted, and we were out of town. Jeff and his crews worked 7 days per week until the flooring was removed, flood cut completed on the sheet rock, and the home completely dry to avoid mold in the future. Jeff treated our project as though it were his own home. We are extremely grateful for his dedication and work ethic. I highly recommend his Paul Davis franchise."     -  T.A.

"These guys were awesome! We had water leaking from a bathroom under a wall & into a carpeted closet. These guys came out within 1 hour of calling them on a Saturday & then handled everything for us. Even removed the water logged carpeting, took it away, coordinated with insurance & carpet replacement. Very professional. Service like this is hard to get on a weekday much less on the weekend. We appreciated everything these guys did and are doing. We certainly appreciated the quick response with the amount of damage water can do in a short time. Thanks guys. You are the best!"     -  E.T.

"Paul Davis of Frisco came in and took care of my plumbing problem. I had a ruptured hot water pipe under the floor in my kitchen. They came in, diagnosed the problem quickly, and put the right professionals on the job. As it turns out, the pipe had ruptured in two different places. They had to dig a six foot hole in my kitchen floor to repair the first hole, then tunnel horizontally four feet to fix the second one. They didn't waste any time and I had a four-foot pile of dirt in my kitchen. Anyway, they took care of the leaks and replaced the floor as quickly as the insurance adjusters would allow. I stand by the work. You'll be glad you hired them."     -  A.S.

"Paul Davis did a fantastic job cleaning up and drying out my house after the storm. They were here same day and continually monitored the drying of my house for 4 days. No MOLD in this house!! Thank you Paul Davis!"     -  K.C.

"I have known Jeff Nelson, owner of Paul Davis, for many years. I have known him to be honest and ethical, hard working and extremely knowledgeable about construction. I am thankful to be able to recommend Paul Davis Emergencies Service to my clients and friends for remediation, reconstruction and more. I wish I had known about Paul Davis when we had our slab leaks. I had to deal with one contractor for the plumbing repair and another for putting our house back together. As a Realtor, I have learned that continuity is a key for quality of work, scheduling and insurance claims. Paul Davis can do the job, start to finish."     -  C.M.

"If you ever find yourself facing water damage, I can not say enough great things about Paul Davis Emergency Services of West Plano, TX. They have called daily, come over daily, moved stuff around, answered my twins questions (you know they love to talk), and more importantly, are not trying to rush out of here without everything being 100% dry. Thank you Josh and Scott!"     -  S.V.

"Our dog got sprayed by a skunk and made it back into the house. The house was uninhabitable and we had to go stay in a hotel. Luckily, we knew of Paul Davis's reputation and made the call. They were immediately responsive--bringing in all sorts of equipment to remediate the smell. Not only were they successful, but the biggest shock came when we got the invoice for significantly less than what we expected to pay. I cannot recommend them enough!"     -  G.J.

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